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Lawrence Tait Insurance specializes in home, auto, and farm insurance.

Insuring Eureka and All of California

Located in Eureka , California, Lawrence Tait Insurance is a firm of proven, caring, and conscientious insurance professionals—the kind of people you can depend on.

We have served Humboldt County and surrounding regions with home, auto, and asset protection for over 30 years. Client needs and interests are our priority, including personal customer service, quality coverage at the best available prices, and referral in the case of policy lines outside our scope.

Lawrence Tait
Agency Owner
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Recent News & Updates

Navigating Large Loss in a Small Business

Having your own business can be an extremely rewarding endeavor. All businesses encounter risks, but successful ones know how to approach those risks in a calculated and strategic fashion. However, even calculated decisions sometimes cannot predict situations that lead to financial loss. Specifically, business losses occur when operating expenses exceed the revenue earned during a certain period. A wide range of variables can lead to...

Spring Maintenance for Your Home & Car

Spring Maintenance for Your Home As spring rolls around, many homeowners should consider revitalizing their homes through post-winter maintenance. Winter can often damage a home, including its exterior, plumbing, and climate control systems. In anticipation of winter, try adding the tips below to your spring maintenance checklist. HVAC Maintenance During warmer seasons, air conditioning is more than just a luxury; it is a home essential....

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